The “AVIS-BG” LTD website opens for you and your children. Explore and join in an unforgettable adventure into the children’s literature world. Here you will find entertainment for everyone in the form of puzzles, educational games, drawing books and kids stories. The publishing offers high quality materials which help pupils perform better in their studies in school or college, as well as giving people applying for university confidence in their ability and knowledge.


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About us

The main activity of “AVIS-BG” company is prepress, graphic design and offset printing; print advertising materials, books, magazines, children’s books, puzzles, children’s educational games, notebooks, notepads, posters, packaging. The company offers manufacturing of dies, hot stamping, laminating, gluing, punching of folding carton, micro and PVC.

“Student World” is a trademark associated with publishing of newspapers and two magazines: “School world 4-8.grade” and “School world 9.-12. grade” as well as textbooks for students from 1 to 12. grade.


  • Supplies for production of molds and punching
    • Metal knifes (all types and sizes)
    • Metal knifes (all types and sizes)
    • Creasing matrixes
    • Punch’s from F2 to F12
    • Hanger punch
    • Rubber (different thickness and hardness)
  • Offset plates
  • Adhesives based on C-200


  • Educational and entertaining games for children
  • Puzzles
  • School boards
  • Colouring books for children
  • Children’s story books
  • Sketch-books
    • 70 gr/m2  offset – 72 pages
    • 100 gr/m2  offset – 45 pages
    • 160 gr/m2  offset – 30 pages
  • Notebooks
  • Gift packaging


  • Textbooks designed to help pupils with their studies.

For children

Our shop offers a diverse range of products aiming to entertain as well as develop the children’s curiosity and imagination. Whether it would be puzzles with interesting pictures, or educational games and drawing books, your child will discover a new world of creativity and development. “AVIS-BG” LTD values the health of you children and for that reason the materials, from which the puzzles are made, are tested for safety and quality. For the products which our shop offers, please click here.

Pupils and students

Educational literature for children from 2nd to 12th class is also included – mathematics, Bulgarian language and literature, geography and economics, history and civilization, man and society, man and nature. Our publishing offers specialized support materials for children preparing for exams after 7th grade and assist them with their studies later on. For more information, click here.



услуги“AVIS-BG” LTD offers services related to prepress, printing and punching. For more information about the company activities.


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